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This is the main public facing website of the Asian Institute of Technology (AIT). The content is managed and maintained by the Office of Media and Communications (OMCO) with support from individual offices, and with overall technical support from the AIT Helpdesk.

Pages and folders within this site have addresses that look like this: www.ait.ac.th/page and www.ait.ac.th/folder/page.

Other AIT websites

AIT has three Schools, along with a number of Centers, Offices, Units, programs and projects. Constituent units of AIT run and maintain their own respective websites. Their website addresses look like this: www.unit.ait.ac.th or just unit.ait.ac.th

There are over 200 sites that all together make up the AIT website.

Website Policy

This website policy is only about the main AIT website, and not the subdomains (as mentioned in Other AIT websites).

Privacy Policy

The AIT website does not collect personal email addresses, phone numbers, birth dates or personal information like marital status or orientation or nationality. However, for safety and security of the website and to prevent malicious behaviour, technical information like IP number, browser identification, operating system, access device and system information is aggregated for the information of our webmasters. This data is used to enhance access, facilitate easier usage of the website, and to thwart malicious behaviour. We do not sell this information to any outside party. However, the AIT website uses Google Analytics and Google Search.


The AIT main site conforms to the W3C (World Wide Web Consortium) WCAG 2.0 AA guidelines.


The AIT main website does not enforce cookies, though we do encourage the use of cookies for enhanced browsing experience. Further, the website does not discriminate users in case they do not allow cookies.

Contacting the Webmaster

    • Content Issues:

For content related issues about individual pages on the AIT main website, you can use the contact and enquiries link at the bottom of each webpage. Each section of the AIT website has a webmaster, and your submission will be transmitted to them. You can also contact the AIT Webmaster for content issues.

    • Technical Issues:

For technical issues issues, kindly contact the AIT Helpdesk.

Please do not submit content-related issues to the Helpdesk (which is meant only for technical issues), and please do not submit technical issues to the Webmaster.

Website Content webmaster@ait.ac.th
Technical Issues helpdesk@ait.ac.th

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