Vision / Mission


Transforming AIT to be a respectable international graduate institution whose research and education contribute to the development of Asia, by making AIT more global, more innovative, more entrepreneurial, and more economically relevant--while leveraging on its social impact core strengths.


The mission of AIT in the context of the emerging environment is "to develop highly qualified and committed professionals who will play a leading role in the sustainable development of the region and its integration into the global economy".

Guided by the above clear, timeless vision and mission, the dedicated students, faculty and staff of AIT are set to steer the Institute along its path of becoming:

  • A trailblazer in advanced education in the region, with leadership in IT  and new types of multidisciplinary programs
  • An exemplary institution, with an emphasis on academic quality in terms of courses and other aspects of operation
  • A leader in professional development programs
  • A hub for the implementation of regional and transnational research projects, and a research facility for academic professionals. A nexus for networking with other academic and research institutions in the region and the world
  • A model international citizen
  • A collaborator and partner of national postgraduate institutions
  • A financially viable, self-sustaining institution, able to draw support from donors the private sector and individuals, with good governance and strong leadership
  • A strong partner to its alumni, who are principal stakeholders through the AIT Alumni Association (AITAA)