Though a relatively small international English-speaking postgraduate institution focused on engineering, environment, and management, AIT has in its 60-year history extended its influence across the Asian region and also into the global arena. Now this effort is continuing with renewed energy and determination as AIT views internationalization as an absolutely vital part of its new vision. The institute is committed to connecting with partner institutions in Asia and leading global universities to maximize opportunities for enriching international student and faculty exchange, research collaboration, internships, service-oriented learning, capacity building training and education, and creative cooperative academic degree programs.

Founded in 1959 under the concept of international cooperation, AIT is making significant social impact through academics, R&D and training for a vast NGO and government network. Today, a key strategy will be to inject more innovation and apply leading-edge technologies such as big data, artificial intelligence, internet of things, and robotics to its existing social-impact research areas. This will enhance the institute’s capability to impact socio-economic development of the region.

By cultivating strategic external relationships with governments, universities, enterprises, international organizations and NGOs, AIT is well-equipped to join hands with partners to address the enormous 21st century challenges facing Asia and the world.