Student Internships

The objective of the internship program is to provide opportunities to the students to reflect upon, analyze, contextualize the classroom knowledge and expand student’s experiences based on lectures or courses undertaken at AIT. Through the internship students can gain valuable practical experience and contextualize the class room learning; Furthermore, learning it also provides opportunities for enterprises and AIT to further develop programs, courses, lectures that increases the graduate’s ability to apply classroom learnings of their specific field of study at related job or career. Internship program is an opportunity for our students to work closely with Enterprises to guide and motivate students to learn and gain necessary skills for career placement once they are graduated.

List of Host Organizations

Organizations providing internship opportunities are regularly updated and shared with you. The organizations at the link below are available for your internship opportunities. View Internship Hosts

When to Apply

Upon completion of the required courses and achieving required credits, students can apply for internship at the SIS Portal for (SET & SERD) and SIS Portal for (SOM).

Semester  Internship Duration Application Period
Spring January to April 1-15 September
Fall August to November 1-15 March


To be considered eligible for Internship, you have to meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be a student enrolled in courses at AIT;
  2. CGPA no less than 3.00;
    - Students upon completing two semesters / four terms (for SOM) of coursework with
    minimum CGPA of 3.0 and English level of at least 6.0 on AIT Standard are eligible for Internship;
  3. Approval, in principle, from academic advisor.

Duration of internship

The period of internship should be at least 480 hours over a minimum period of 3 months. The host organization and AIT Faculty Advisor, who will co-supervise the internship, must agree upon the internship assignment.

Internship Reports

The students are required to submit a report and make a presentation three times: proposal submission and presentation for assignment approval within the first month of joining internship, progress report and presentation for midway evaluation and feedback, and final report and presentation for grading to the evaluation committee. The final report contains introduction, statement of the problem, objective, methodology, results and discussion, conclusion and future recommendation and internship timesheet.

Practical Information

Academic Advisor
Before applying for internship at the host enterprise, you are advised to seek your Academic Advisor's feedback to ensure credit transfer.

Career Center and Enterprise Engagement Office
For inquiries relating to internship postings.,

Internship Coordinator

School of Management
Ms Chomchaba Katinted

School of Environment, Resources, and Development
Ms Sarina Pradhan Thapa

School of Engineering and Technology
Ms Alistina Shrestha

Internship agreements and positions
Mr. Trent

Joan Carla C. Gonzales (Ms.)


Contact information
The contact details of AIT major service units are available at

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