Flexible PhD Option

Flexible PhD Option

The “Flexible PhD Option” is a new alternative to our traditional “On-campus PhD Option” to conduct PhD studies at AIT. It is applicable to selected programs at 3 Schools. Students will receive the same degree and the same academic requirements apply as the program offered in our regular “On-campus Option”. Students can do almost all coursework online via AIT’s Hybrid Mode of Instruction (Certain programs may require a lab and research work on campus).

How it Works

Typically, the coursework is online via AIT’s Hybrid Instruction. Students take the same course offered to on-campus students via Hybrid Mode. All classes are recorded for later viewing.

After completion of the coursework, students can do their PhD research in the AIT Campus at a flexible time. In coordination with the Program Chair, students may come to campus in short blocks or for entire semesters.

This is not an online program; students still need to come to the AIT Campus for certain activities such as labs or research work and the graduation ceremony. However, we will allow high flexibility for such activities at our beautiful green AIT Campus in Thailand.

The total flexible time to complete the program is 6 years.


The Flexible Ph.D. Option gives you the flexibility you need!
• Flexible Time Management, “study when you’re free”, take courses online from home.
• Flexible Payment management, “pay as you study”, payment course-by-course.
• No need to come to the AIT Campus for most of your coursework.
• Work & Study at your own pace from any location.

Participating Programs

The following programs offer the Flexible Ph.D. Option:

School of Engineering and Technology (SET)

Construction Engineering and Infrastructure Management (CEIM)
Geotechnical and Earth Resources Engineering (GTE)
Water Engineering and Management (WEM)
Transportation Engineering (TE)
Structural Engineering (STE)

Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME)

Computer Science
Information Management (IM)
Telecommunications (TC)
IoT Systems Engineering (IOT)
Information and Communication Technologies (ICT)
Data Science and AI (DSAI)

School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD)


Agribusiness Management (ABM)
Agricultural Systems and Engineering (ASE)
Food Innovation, Nutrition and Health (FINH)


Development and Sustainability (DS)
Development Planning Management and Innovation (DPMI)
Natural Resources Management (NRM)
Society and Environmental Governance (SEG)
Urban Innovation and Sustainability (UIS)


Climate Change and Sustainable Development (CCSD)

School of Management (SOM)

Business Administration (DBA)
Business Analytics and Digital Transformation
International Finance

Inter-School Programs (SERD and SET)

Disaster Preparedness, Mitigation and Management (DPMM)


The Flexible Ph.D. Option has the same cost as our regular “On-Campus Option”. However, all Schools provide AIT Scholarships for eligible candidates. To give you more flexibility, we allow you to pay course-by-course. You need to register for a minimum of 6 credits per semester. You may take up to 15 credits per semester.

How to Apply

To apply, go to the AIT online application form by clicking here and choose “Flexible PhD Degree” in the drop down menu of the selected program.


The application submission is open.


First, you need to decide how many courses you want to enroll in, the minimum enrollment is 6 credits which is equivalent to 2 courses. The Program Secretary can advise you on details. You need to pay the full fee for your courses before the start of the semester.
All details to make payments are at this website, Click here.

Contact & Support

For More Inquiry please contact the School at which you want to study:

School of Engineering and Technology (SET)

School of Environment, Resources and Development (SERD)

School of Management (SOM)


Yes, it is the same degree and you will receive the same graduate diploma. Due to the current situation, AIT has decided to release this new option to better cater the needs of you. We hope that will facilitate your personal and professional development.
Yes, same entry and graduate requirements, because it’s the same degree that you will get.
It is the same as the traditional full-time on-campus master's?
No it's not, you still need to come to the AIT campus for certain activities such as labs (only for certain programs) and research work.
No, you do not need to prove this. Actually, you can do the Flexible Master’s Option full time and graduate in 2 years Or as a part-time student and graduate within 4 years. It is totally up to your personal choice.
It cost the same as the traditional full-time master. However, we provide AIT Scholarships for qualifying applicants. Details are available from the Schools and the Program.
In addition to the registration fee and tuition fees, you need to pay the application fee (800 Bath) and the Language Center fee (2000 Bath) only once.
Yes, qualifying applicants will get the AIT Scholarship. Of course, if you can find an external scholarship to support yourself, you are more than welcome to take this opportunity during your learning at AIT.
It is offered in the Spring Semester in January. You can apply any time and need to pay the full fee for your registered courses (min 2 courses) before 8 January.
How can I apply for the Flexible Master’s Option?
The application is online at this link Application Form. Choose “Flexible Master Degree” in the drop-down menu of the selected program.
You need to register for a minimum of 2 courses per semester (6 credits) and a maximum of 15 credits.
The fastest completion time is similar to our full-time on-campus masters within a period of 2 academic years.
You can pay by money transfer; the details are at this webpage: Payment Advice
Yes, you can attend the classes on campus as well. That’s up to you if you follow classes online via our Hybrid Mode or come to the classroom on campus. However, AIT does not support visas for non-Thai students during coursework time.
No, this option is only available for selected programs. The full list of Flexible Master’s Option programs is mentioned above on this page.
All lectures will be delivered online via AIT’s Hybrid Mode of Instruction. You can attend the classes online in real-time. Currently, we are using ZOOM to connect to the class. The lecturer will be able to see you on ZOOM on a screen in the classroom. You will be able to interact with the lecturer and the students in class and online.
No, you do not need to have a Zoom account. You will receive a ZOOM invitation to login into the registered classes. However, we require you to use your full name when you log in for the lecturer and the other students in class and online to see who you are.
Yes, all classes will be recorded. You can view them any time later.
You need internet connection and a computer with camera and microphone. The other available option is to use a smartphone as well; however, we recommend you use a computer.
Yes, you will be a registered AIT student like every student on campus. However, we do not provide a student visa for the time you conduct the online coursework. We will help you to obtain a student visa for the Master Thesis if you write the thesis on AIT campus.
Yes, as an AIT student, you will have an AIT student email account during the study period.
Yes, you can come to the campus and stay on campus at our student residences. If you may prefer, you can stay for 2 semesters to complete your thesis on a full-time basis. Alternatively, you can make other arrangements with your supervisor, e.g. stay on campus in blocks and return home or leave for data collection. This is up to your supervisor and you to arrange.
Yes, sure you can attend the AIT graduation ceremony.
The registration fee is calculated per credit of your registered courses per semester. The registration fee per credit is 1,667 Thai Baht. For a typical course of 3 credits, the fee is 5000 Thai Baht. You need to register for a minimum of 6 credits (typically 2 courses); then your total registration fee will be 10,000 Thai Baht per semester.
Yes, if you come to campus after the completion of your coursework to conduct your thesis research (24 credits) or research study (12 credits) AIT will help you to get a student visa to come to campus. You will not get a student visa for the time you spend on coursework from your home country. Some programs may have a lab for which you need to come to campus. In those cases, AIT will also support your visa.