Open Master of Engineering/Science in Interdisciplinary Studies (OMIS)

What is the new AIT OPEN MASTER?

The new AIT OPEN MASTER OF ENGINEERING/SCIENCE IN INTERDISCIPLINARY STUDIES (OMIS) is a truly “Multidisciplinary approach” spanning all existing programs at AIT. It is designed for students with a clearly articulated research plan of multidisciplinary nature. We seek students who have unique educational objectives and want to pursue a multidisciplinary study spanning over different fields.

The OMIS program encourages interdisciplinary thinking, courses and research that involves more than one of the AIT Focus Areas, and thus, offers students an academic freedom to define their unique study and research plans that best match their interests and goals.

Prospective students need to submit a research proposal which indicated their research interest and if admitted they will work with their supervisor and co-supervisor from different programs/research areas to develop their full study and research plans. Students can choose any course from different departments/schools to fulfill their unique multidisciplinary research goals. For the course work, there will be almost no restrictions other than a limit of courses from the same Department.

The motto of the AIT OPEN MASTER is “Design Your Own Curriculum Design Your Future”.

Students must submit a ‘tentative’ Master’s study and research plan. This plan shall include a “Research Plan” outlaying the intended interdisciplinary research and a “Study Plan” proposing the courses to lay the base for the proposed research plan. Students can design a study plan melting business courses from SOM with engineering courses from SET and sustainable technology courses from SERD. The OMIS program also encourages translational research and entrepreneurship to support AITs goal on “Social Impact with Innovation”.

What Degree will I get?

Depending on your bachelor’s degree, you will either get a Master of Engineering or a Master of Science, the full name on your degree will be “Open Master of Engineering/Science in Interdisciplinary Studies”. In addition, your field of research will be added in brackets after the degree name. For example, your bachelor was in Electronics Engineering and your research was to control a robot by your brainwaves it could be “Open Master of Engineering in Interdisciplinary Studies (Human Machine Interfaces)”.

What Degree Options are Available?

The program is offered as our traditional 2-year On-Campus option (The Flexible Master’s Option is only available on a case-by-case basis in consolidation with the supervisor).

Can I get a Scholarship?

Yes, all our regular scholarships are applicable to the new OMIS program. However, scholarships are given out on a competitive basis and there is no guarantee to receive them.

After your application AIT will select the best matching scholarship for you automatically. You do not need to apply for a scholarship from AIT.
Alternative, you may apply for a scholarship from your government or other organization. If you intend to do so, please contact us at the email provided below if you need supporting documents from AIT.

What are the Advantages?

The Open Master gives you the flexibility and academic freedom you need!

  • Choose from all courses offered by AIT.
  • Create your unique own curriculum.
  • Blend engineering with business and sustainability with courses from all 3 schools.
  • Combine your research interest and study with an internship or exchange.
  • Stay out of the crowd with your unique curriculum and research.

What are the Details of the Curriculum?

With the program’s emphasis on multidisciplinary research, the following program structure is allowed:

  • 26-credit coursework + 22-credit thesis
  • 24-credit coursework + 12-credit internship or exchange + 12-credit research study
  • 36-credits coursework + 12 credits research study

Admitted students will design their individualized study program with their supervisors and co-supervisors. The study plan can be tailored for each student to best suit his/her interests and to fulfill the multidisciplinary research goal. Hence, with the supervisor recommendations and approvals, students can select any relevant courses from any programs/schools within AIT.

Certain requirements to design the study program shall be applied, such are:

Program Rules:

  • For 24 and 26-credits coursework: Students must take courses from at least 3 programs (maximum 12 credits per program)
  • For 36-credits coursework: Students must take courses from at least 3 programs (maximum 18 credits per program)
  • The study plan must support and match the research plan

Program Guidelines:

  • It is encouraged to take courses from more than 3 programs.
  • It is encouraged to take courses from all 3 schools.
  • It is encouraged to engage in translational and/or entrepreneurial work

What is the Cost?

The OPEN MASTER has the same cost as our other programs. View Expenses

What Research and Study Plan must I Submit for the Application?

You must submit a Research Plan that outlines your intended research interest. The Research Plan shall include at least: Title, Research Field, Hypothesis to proof/disproof, Research Methodology, Facilities Needed, Impact Statement, References. The impact statement shall also include if your research can be translated and how your research and its potential translation will support AITs goal on “Social Impact with Innovation”. The length shall be 2-4 pages.

After the definition of your research plan, you can design your Study Plan and select courses to support your research. You may submit a table with courses and a justification on how the selected course will help you in your future research. The length shall be 2-4 pages. Download the Template Click Here.

What Type of Research and Courses are Available at AIT for the Open Master?

AIT offer a wide range of research and study opportunities and there is hardly any limit. However, you may consider choosing interdisciplinary research within AITs Focus Research Areas listed here:

  • Climate Change
  • Food-Energy-Water
  • Infrastructure
  • Smart Communities
  • Technology, Policy and Development

The courses are available on the three School webpages of SET, SERD and SOM with the links provided here: Click Here

I do not know what I want to Study; shall I Choose the Open Master?

No, you should not! The OPEN MASTER is for students with a very clear Research and Study Plan and strong desire to study and research a well-defined interdisciplinary topic.

How to Apply?

To apply, go to the AIT online application form by Clicking Here and choose “Open Master of Engineering/Science in Interdisciplinary Studies”.
You also need to submit a Study Plan and a Research Plan in addition to the other required documents.


The application deadline is like our other programs. Check Deadline


The payment follows the same process as for other programs. All details to make payments are at this website, Click here.

Contact & Support

For more Inquiry, please contact the us at this email: