Number of Credits
Description/Course Objective
AT77.02 Signals, Systems and Stochastic Processes
To lay the theoretical foundation for understanding the behavior of deterministic and random signals in communication systems, and to complement the theory with extensive laboratory work.
AT77.04 Data Communications
To impart a unified systems view of the broad field of data and computer communications. The fundamental principles of data communications are thoroughly presented and then applied in data communication networking.
AT77.05 Teletraffic Engineering
To provide an overview of basic teletraffic theory for network dimensioning and performance characterization of circuit switched public telecommunications network, broadband networks as well as the Internet.
AT77.07 Cellular Mobile System
The rationale behind this course is to ensure that the student attains a good understanding of both analog and digital cellular mobile systems deployed worldwide. 
AT77.09 Error Control Coding
To provide the students with a comprehensive understanding of error control techniques used in digital communications.
AT77.10 Cellular Network Planning
To familiarize the students with computer-aided planning methodology for cellular mobile communications network
AT77.11 Digital Modulation Techniques
To provide the students with theoretical and practical knowledge of digital modulation methods for base-band and pass-band. The main emphasis is on digital transmission via carrier modulation as used for data modems and in wireless systems.
AT77.13 Digital Communications
To provide students with thorough understanding of the fundamentals in digital communications and information theory.
AT77.15 Satellite Communications
This course is designed to provide a comprehensives understanding of satellite communications principles and related technologies involved. Starting from orbital mechanics related to spacecraft deployment, the course evolves through satellite link design, signal processing and access techniques, type of networks and finally drawing conclusion with performance and reliability of the system.
AT77.16 Digital Signal Processing
To provide the students with knowledge of both the theory and practical applications of digital signal processing in communications systems.
AT77.17 Network QoS
Communication networks of all types are developing at such a rapid pace and with the widespread deployment of networks that can support very high data transmission rates and a wide range of services, the task of providing the guaranteed Quality of Service (QoS) is becoming increasingly complex. The task is worthwhile because it provides the insight required to improve operating efficiency.
AT77.18 Optical Network
To provide students with practical knowledge and research background in optical networks. The emphasis will be on problems at the network layer that are unique to optical networks.
AT77.19 Optimization for Communications and Networks
To provide students with the fundamentals of various optimization techniques and demonstrate how they can be applied to problems related to communications and networks.
AT77.20 Cross-Layer Design for Wireless Networks
The objective of this course is to make students aware and knowledgeable about the new research area in wireless communication. This is a novel technique, which potentially enhances the performance of wireless communication. In addition, students will be equipped with the knowledge of state-of-art techniques that may play the major roles in the near future.
AT77.9009 Selected Topic: Discrete-Time Statistical Signal Processing 
Provide senior research students with a comprehensive understanding of discrete time statistical signal processing techniques with emphasis on applications in Wireless Communications.
AT77.9028 Selected Topic: Advanced Cellular Mobile Systems
The objective of this course is to provide the theoretical foundation for understanding of the issues involved in advanced mobile wireless communication system design and analysis. This is an extension course continuing from the AT77.07 Cellular Mobile Systems course.
AT77.9029 Selected Topic: Cognitive Radio Networks 
The objective of this course is to provide the concept of dynamic spectrum access based on cognitive radio techniques, and some theories, design, and analysis for the cognitive radio techniques.