Business Analytics and-Digital-Transformation-Msc

Course Code
Number of Credits
Description/Course Objective
SM89.2001 Selected Topic: Big Data Analytics
The course aims to highlight the complexities associated with the increase in data production, collection and collation, whilst students will gain an understanding of what the data can tell us now. A further objective is the introduction and application of complex tools and integrated approaches that are applied to the analysis of big data.
SM89.2002 Selected Topic: The Business of Frontier Technologies
The objective of the course is to help students understand the fundamentals and business contextualization of artificial intelligence with respect to assessing the positive and negative impacts on a range of industries. Key terms such as machine learning, deep learning and natural language processing will be unpacked and their application in different business contexts analyzed.
SM89.2003 Selected Topic: Global Data Management
The course aims to explain why data management is an essential function, not only for digital organizations whose business models are purely based on leveraging data, but for any large organization that collects data on its customers and business processes. It will also develop a deep understanding of the planning and development of policies and practices that allow organizations to leverage the value of data in gaining new insights into their customers, products and services.
SM89.2004 Selected Topic: Agile Thinking in Digital Transformation
This course aims to highlight how the use of digital technology can solve business problems and make business processes more efficient and effective. It also aims to link to previous courses on this program that highlighted how cutting-edge technologies such as cloud computing, the Internet of Things, and AI are altering various business landscapes. The main objective, is for the student to evaluation their current mindset and reconsider their – and future workplaces on how a business serves its customers and delivers value to them through their products (via the use of agile thinking tools).
SM89.2005 Selected Topic: Digital Marketing and Consumer Analytic
This aim of this course is to offer a high-level practical guide to leveraging data techniques to improve insights about customers and users. It will also explain the relevance for professional in all industries as marketing is no longer restricted to an organisation’s marketing department but diffused throughout a company.
SM89.2006 Selected Topic: Industry 4.0
This course aims to focus on the latter shift and takes students through underlying factors that are driving it. Specifically, this course will explain how the new era leverages the connectedness and communication between computers and other digital systems and resources to create Cyber Physical Systems (CPS). It will also detail how Industry 4.0 (I4) has independent exchange of information via the sensors, smart machines, storage systems and production facilities that make up the Industrial Internet of Things (IIOT).
SM89.2007 Selected Topic: Developing Leadership Skills in the Digital Workplace
This course aims to plug that gap by focusing on the micro skills development of each individual in the class in order to improve their teamwork, communication, problem-solving and critical thinking skills.