Management (PhD/DBA)

Course Code
Number of Credits
Description/Course Objective
SM62.9016 Selected Topic: Approaches of Qualitative Research
This course is aimed to learn about the opportunities and challenges of qualitative research in business management. It includes topics on observational field research, case histories, narratives, and case studies, interviewing, principles of action research, evaluation and ground theory. The course makes students aware of how the choice of different methodologies is closely linked to broader theoretical and conceptual issues, philosophical commitments and behavioral assumptions in qualitative social science research.
SM62.9017 Selected Topic: Methods of Qualitative Research
This course aims to engage students in the process of making strategic and appropriate research design choices from a variety of qualitative research methods appropriate for social science research. The course will help students to gain knowledge about a range of core qualitative data collection techniques and understand the sampling and recruitment strategies that frame data collection. Doctoral students will also learn qualitative data analysis techniques to adopt in relation to a research objectives and questions. Essential data collection techniques, such as semi-structured interviewing as well as focus group composition, will be complemented with knowledge about conducting content analysis, thematic analysis, and data coding and analysis techniques.
SM62.9018 Selected Topic: Foundation of Management Research
This course is aimed to learn the process of research in management and business of a doctoral study and prepares the students for independent research work. It focuses on the common challenges of designing a research project at doctoral level. As a solid foundation for conducting research, doctoral students will learn a structured approach to the research process, which includes defining the research topic and the research questions in the context of the existing research literature and/or business practice as well as building of a conceptual model and hypotheses development. The course helps students to conduct a systematic literature review and develop critical and constructive reviews of exemplary published research and the ethical dimensions of research.
SM62.9019 Selected Topic: Management Research Methods and Writing
The course examines in-depth the process of selecting and developing an appropriate and refined research strategy, and clarifying the stages of a research project. The course seeks to involve students in developing their skills and understanding of research design and stages, research methodology selection, data collection and presentation, as well as proposal, thesis and article writing, all of which aim at improving doctoral student’s management research outputs.
SM62.9020 Selected Topic: Data Strategies and Hypotheses Testing
This course aims to introduce data collection strategies and basic techniques for testing hypotheses in management research. The focus is on learning from examples. Major topics covered include strategies for finding data, summarizing data, hypothesis testing and difference-in-difference analysis. The course also aims to help students appreciate the role of theory in quantitative research and develop basic capabilities to design tests to examine competing theories.
SM62.9021 Selected Topic: Building Models that Link to Theory
This course aims to build an understanding about the relationship between theory and statistical models. Students will learn the basic techniques for investigating causal relationships. The challenge of establishing a causal relationship is introduced through the design of randomized controlled trials and natural experiments. Regression analysis is then introduced as a tool to control for observable variation. Emphasis will be placed on the proper execution and interpretation of regression analysis.